UB Braunschweig / News on Elsevier

News on the Germany-wide negotiations with Elsevier, SpringerNature and Wiley

We would like to inform you about important developments in the field of literature supply:


Due to interrupted nationwide negotiations on the entire scientific journal portfolio of Elsevier, TU Braunschweig currently has no access to the publisher's current journal content.

There is currently no electronic access on
  • new articles from 2017 onwards
  • the volumes from 2003 onwards of approx. 2,400 journals of the so-called "Freedom Collection".
However, a free electronic access exists to More information about the negotiations with Elsevier..

Effects on your work as a scientist and student

Braunschweig University Library is able to provide you with current literature from non-accessible Elsevier journals via alternative methodes (interlibrary loan, document delivery services, etc.). Usually, a printed version of the article will be delivered to you.

If you need an article published by Elsevier, please send an e-mail with the following information to elsevier@tu-braunschweig.de
  • Author, title, journal title, volume & issue of the required article (alternatively only the DOI)
  • Your Name, first name and library card number of the UB
  • Institute address, if the article should be sent to you by in-house mail, or a note that you want to pick up the hard copy at the circulation desk ('Leihstelle') at our library.

The University Library covers the costs for the purchase of required articles, will take every effort to deliver them as quickly as possible and will inform you via e-mail.


Negotiations on nationwide licensing are also being conducted with SpringerNature. The negotiations that have been ongoing since 2017 have not yet been concluded. However, transitional arrangements have been agreed so that access to the current journals remains available.

These transitional arrangements already allow online access to around 2,200 Springer and Adis journals for all institutions that have given Projekt DEAL a negotiating mandate. Furthermore, it was agreed that all articles by scientists of the participating institutions will be accessible via Open Access. This regulation will apply to all articles in Springer and Adis journals published after an expected conclusion of contract.

Nature branded journals have been excluded from the negotiations so far. The University Library currently subscribes 6 Nature journals in electronic form.


Negotiations with Wiley, which have been ongoing since 2017, were successfully concluded on 15th January 2019. A framework contract was signed which ends in December 2021 and can be joined by more than 700 eligible institutions. Technical University Braunschweig has joined the contract and now has access to around 1,700 scientific journals from Wiley.

In addition, from 1st July 2019 onwards all accepted articles written by scientists at the Technical University Braunschweig will be published as Open Access, unless the authors object. When the articles are published in hybrid journals, no additional costs are applied. When the articles are published in Open Access journals, the additional costs will be paid by Braunschweig University Library.

If you have any questions about how to deal with Open Access publications in Wiley journals, please contact openaccess@tu-braunschweig.de.